To deploy renewable solutions in the agri-food and health sectors to benefit communities at the frontlines of climate change

Today 14:02

Latest recommendations focus on preventive maintenance, reducing energy use

Today 11:04

New report highlights impacts of meteorological variables and invites policymakers to address synergies between meteorology and renewable energy


The North Gauteng High Court has given the government two months to put things right

03 Dec 2023

Accelerating the energy transition could add millions of energy sector jobs by 2050

01 Dec 2023

Greater illumination, better light quality, lower power consumption

30 Nov 2023

Early works have started, and the construction phase is now beginning, with COD expected in May 2025

30 Nov 2023

SAF is a safe, drop-in replacement for fossil-derived jet fuel. Compatible with today’s engines, airframes and fuel infrastructure

30 Nov 2023

UN and African Union agencies, civil society and private sector will convene in Dubai to advance development of African countries’ energy pathways

29 Nov 2023

Specialist tools for accurate temperature measurement and control

28 Nov 2023

Celebrating a milestone while looking ahead

28 Nov 2023

This event will help accelerate the adoption of solar and wind energy while promoting Africa's sustainability and environmental needs

28 Nov 2023

Realise the immediate benefit of an investment in a solar system

28 Nov 2023

Cape Town provides a practical eight-step plan for building owners, businesses, employees, and residents to save power

27 Nov 2023

Inaugral solar and wind event draws international support

24 Nov 2023

How low-cost surge protection devices save appliances and money

24 Nov 2023

The inability to connect new wind and solar farms to the grid because of network unavailability has become a problem

23 Nov 2023

The goal is to make mines safer by automating the charging of the blasting holes with explosives

23 Nov 2023

Options to help you survive load shedding

22 Nov 2023