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Information from Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric South Africa’s Acti 9 Reflex iC60N and iC60H integrated control circuit breakers combine major functions in a single device, offering users a number of advantages in the application of control and remote control integrated circuit breakers.

The all-in-one integrated control circuit breaker is dedicated to the remote management of the electrical load associated with offices, educational institutions, industrial plants and retail/trade which often combine local control and centralised control with a number of switching operations.

“With the Reflex iC60 integrated control circuit breaker, energy use can be reduced,” says Sibusiso Skosana, senior product manager: Low voltage electrical distribution at Schneider Electric South Africa. “The circuit breaker provides protection against short-circuit currents, overload currents and disconnection”.

He adds that a version with Ti24 allows the breaker to directly interface with a PLC – saving wiring and space, executing remote control and indicating the state of the control circuit or circuit breaker tripping. “Users will certainly find it beneficial that the circuit breaker’s control mode is adapted to various applications and that the devices offer easy diagnostics via a lamp indicator on the front face.”

Fig. 1: Integrated control circuit breakers.

Additionally, a push-button offers manual control for opening and closing, as well as a choice of operating modes. Skosana explains that the product is designed to provide high industrial performance across the degree of pollution, rated impulse withstand voltage and insulation voltage. The breaker offers high limitation performance and fast closure independent of the speed of operating handle reset,” he says.

Typical fields of application include lighting and heating control and power supply to machinery and workshops in the transport industry, airports, garages, warehouses, offices, hospitals, supermarkets, banks, factories and industrial process applications.

Compact NSX 100-630 A

Schneider Electric’s new innovative moulded case circuit breaker, Compact NSX 100-630A, offers the optimum measurement and communication solution to meet organisations’ energy efficiency challenges through optimised energy consumption, increased energy availability and improved installation management.

“With the breakthrough technology of Compact NSX, organisations can now monitor both energy and power, finding increased performance in a remarkably compact device,” says Skosana.

The Compact NSX combines safety and performance, from 40 A upward, with roto-active contact breaking technology providing exceptional fault current limitation and endurance for extended system life. Total discrimination is ensured, particularly in the case of miniature circuit breakers, with smaller devices meaning more economical switchboards and no need for over calibration, saving companies up to 30% on installation.

Its new breaking capacities include improved application targeting and performance levels of 25 kA for standard low short-circuit level applications, 36 to 50 kA for standard applications, 70 to 100 kA for high performance at controlled cost and 150 kA for demanding applications.Compact NSX also meets the IEC 60947-4-1 standards for the protection of motors.

A built-in monitoring unit controls power consumption and can help reduce energy costs by as much as 10%. Used in conjunction with PowerLogic monitoring software, Compact NSX provides users with a complete set of parameters and tools to make it easy to monitor installations.

“The originality lies in how the unit measures, processes and displays data, either directly on screen, on the switchboard front panel, or via a monitoring system,” Skosana highlights.

Alarm notification secures operational control and maintenance planning, with event logs and tables, activated continuously, ensuring the installed equipment base operates correctly, so that energy efficiency is maximised. One of its main advantages, is that it minimises the impact of short circuits, ensuring 100% service continuity for installations.

A limited torque screw (LTS) system further ensures proper installation of the tripping device for added flexibility, while a transparent sealed flap protects access to tripping device switches and prevents settings from being changed.

Contact Sibusiso Skosana, Schneider Electric SA, Tel 011 254-6400, sibusiso.skosana@schneider-electric.com


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