Energize Engineers in lockdown: What are you doing?
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Engineers in lockdown: What are you doing?

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Many engineers are at home under forced lockdown regulations. But what are they doing? Here’s an opportunity to tell us and possibly win a prize.

Many people are becoming frustrated by the restrictions the Covid-19 lockdown has imposed upon them. Some have rebelled against them and gone out anyway. I heard recently of a man who was fined for sitting in his car at the seafront!

Others however, are using the time to undertake jobs around their homes for which they might have bought materials, but did not get to do due to other commitments. Others are focusing on hobbies or working in their gardens.

What are you doing?

Energize invites all engineers who are confined to their homes due the lockdown, be they retired, employed or students, to submit articles describing how they are keeping themselves busy during this period of time.

Are you busy with some hobby or other pastime?

Please let us all know so we can encourage and inspire other engineers too.

Please send me your article in Microsoft Word format. Don’t worry about your grammar – we’ll fix it that up here.


Word count: Minimum 800, maximum 1500 words.

Photos: minimum of three photos. Please make sure your photos have appropriate captions so we all understand what we’re looking at.

We’ll publish as many as possible and find a prize for the best one.

Send your articles to me, the editor of Energize, by email rogerl@nowmedia.co.za

I look forward to receiving your submissions.




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Engineers in lockdown: What are you doing?

Many engineers are at home under forced lockdown regulations. But what are they doing? Here's an opportunity to tell us and possibly win a...

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